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Join the #LibDemFightback


Since the 2015 general election thousands have voters have made up their mind to join the Liberal Democrats.

Now we are looking forward to the local and regional elections in 2016 as the first stage in our way back.

In his first speech as leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron called on liberal minded people to join us in championing liberal ideas in Britain.

“You don’t like the way Britain is now governed? That makes two of us. Let’s stop complaining about it, let’s do something about it.”

“If you care about human rights, join us. If you think you shouldn’t have your email snooped on, join us. If you think everyone deserves a decent home, join us. If you think it is wrong to demonise immigrants, the young, the poor, foreigners, Brussels, the English, the Scots, join us. If you are fed up at self-satisfied politicians, ambitious for themselves and unambitious for their country, then guess what, you are a liberal. Embrace that diagnosis. It is an utterly decent and British condition. So join us. Join today.”

If you too believe that a liberal voice in British politics is essential then join the #LibDemFightback.