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Votes for Expats


Currently UK citizens that live abroad lose their right to vote after 15 years away from the country. Lib Dems in Spain, along with Brussels and Europe Liberal Democrats, are fighting for a change to the law stop voters becoming disenfranchised, purely for exercising their right as EU citizens to live overseas.

This issue is particularly important with the upcoming EU referendum. We might end up with the absurd idea that the very people who would be most affected by any decision to leave the EU not being given their say.

The Liberal Democrats adopted a policy in 2015 calling for all British citizens living in other EU countries to be given a vote in the EU referendum.

The right to live and work anywhere in the European Union is an essential part of our EU membership. Liberal Democrats are the only party standing up for EU citizens in the UK and Brits living in the rest of Europe. Both of these groups must have a say on Britain’s EU membership and both must have a right to vote in the referendum.

Giles Goodall, Chair of Brussels & Europe Liberal Democrats

Join us in calling for the British government to restore the right to vote to UK citizens living in EU countries, both for the EU referendum and for general elections.